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eCommerce retouching for online stores

We’re here to bring all of our experience, passion, and industry knowledge to deliver premium ecommerce product retouching for your online business. Upload files and finish a simple Quiz today to get a first test image for free.

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What we do

Shape & Silhouette correction
Wrinkles removal
Irrelevant reflections removal
Scratches & Defects removal
Background manipulations (Transparent)
Product cleanup
Irrelevant objects removal
Shape & Silhouette correction
“On model” photography retouching
Ghost mannequin effect
Background manipulations (100% white)
“Hand model” shot retouching
Scratches & Defects removal
Shape & Silhouette correction
Ghost mannequin effect
Product symmetry

Increase sales

Numerous researches show that high-quality images considerably increase conversion rate, decrease order returns and improve brand awareness.

Reduce costs

Using on-demand service is usually cheaper than having your own in-house staff. Keep things simple: use Squareshot and pay-as-you-go.

Stay focused

Leave content production on us and focus your skills and affords on strengthening and improving the quality of your product.

Pricing simplified

The Squareshot Team decides which package of our product retouching services is best suited for your images. We make a decision based on the time (minutes) of retouching required to deliver the highest quality possible! Click Get an express quote button below, upload your images and we will tell you which package should be applied for your images.

Processing time ranges listed above define the package that will be applied for your images and depends on the time Retoucher needs to edit your image to deliver the highest quality possible. Please note, “Processing time” ranges listed above are time ranges needed for product photo retouching for 1 image and are not the Order Turnaround Time.

** For new customers only.

How pricing works?

Example 1: If your image requires more than 15 minutes of “Basic” retouching such as product cleanup, background manipulations etc. then more difficult (time-consuming) package will be applied.

Example 2: If you order Photo Stacking for jewelry (the service from Complex package) and the image requires just 15 min to edit then the “Basic” package pricing ($3/image) will be applied, not $13.50/image.

The required time and number of image manipulations needed depends on the quality of incoming files.

Customers trust us

Alex and his team have been amazing. They are always very professional and responsive, even when we are pushing them due to extremely tight deadlines. My only reservation in recommending them is that they get too busy to help us! Thanks for everything!

Andrew Leary

Founder, Lookoptic.com

Really experienced team delivers images far better than most, for far less. I had them shoot our hardest products first, leather straps on the Stainless steel Apple Watch. Getting this right is very hard, and they nailed it. Hard working dudes with a ton of prior experience.

Brian Hahn

Founder, hellonomad.com

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Our customers rated us 9.4 out of 10.

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What we retouch?

1. Clothing (Flat lay, On a mannequin)
2. Accessories 
3. Jewelry
4. Health & Beauty products
5. Bags
6. Footwear
7. Grocery & Household products
8. Oversized products
9. Product Sets
10. On model photography (lookbooks and catalogs)
11. Hand model photography
12. Close up images
13. Other products (almost everything you can sell online)

We are able to bring our 10+ years of experience to any type of product category such as grocery & household items, toys, sporting or travel goods, tech, books, etc.

Email us at hello@squareshot.co. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We typically reply within a few hours.

What's included in all packages?

All packages include:

  • Professional Retouching
  • Optimized for Shopify / Amazon
  • Custom Image Size & File Format
  • One Retouch Requests. Learn More
  • One Test Image for Free
  • Unlimited Usage License
  • Money Back Guarantee. Learn More


Payment options

We accept 100% upfront payment* via PayPal and all major Credit / Debit cards.

Here's how we protect you:

  • Get your Free Test Shot to try our service with no risk (for new customers only). Just select "Retouch a test image first" in the Order Form.
  • If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund your money*. Learn more
    *additional requirements applied
  • We accept retouching requests by email within 5 business days from the time when the order was completed. Get more information in the section Revision Policy.
  • Please read our reviews before you’re going to place an order:
    Trustpilot Reviews
    Google Reviews

    *We are open to discussing a partial payment for orders over $1,000.

If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund your money due to our refund policy described below:

You can get a refund when all of the following apply:
- You never used the images retouched by Squareshot for which you want to get a refund.
- The order was completed within the last 15 days.

Additional requirements: 
- You will not be eligible to use the images retouched by Squareshot for which you were refunded money.
- We do not provide a refund for orders over $500, but we’ll try to do as much as we can to create the images that you requested by strictly following our Revision Policy section.

Refund Time (once a refund is processed):
- Credit card: 3-5 business days;
- Debit card: Up to 10 business days;
- PayPal balance: 3-5 business days.

What may affect the price?

Product Defects / Damaged Products
The additional charges may be applied if the product has visible production defects, stains, holes or scratches that require additional time to retouch, make it look symmetrical or fix any other issues during retouching.

Group Images
The additional charge depends on the number of items in the image and detailed instructions from the client.

Clothing Condition
Make sure that your product(s) are clean and carefully ironed. Additional charges for clothing with wrinkles/creases may be applied.

Poor/Not Clear Instructions from the Client
The client is responsible for providing clear directions without leaving anything open to interpretation or assumption. Clients who understand their vision and take time to provide thoughtful directions and follow our requirements have the best experiences with us. Please note that if you don’t tell us what you want your images to look like, you will most likely be charged for any potential revisions.

Turnaround time

The approximate order turnaround time for orders up to 20 images is 4 business days*.

For orders 20+ images — approx. 6 business days*.
For orders 50+ images — approx. 7-13 business days*.
For orders 300+ images — approx. 13-18 business days*.
*excluding holidays

Often, order turnaround time is faster than the ranges listed above. Please contact us to check availability. 

Important notes:

  • Order turnaround time is calculated from 9:00 a.m. on the next business day after we receive your files and payment.
  • Order turnaround time may vary and depends on the availability, product category, and image quality.
  • Any edits/revisions made after the order has been completed and the images sent are not included in the total order turnaround time.
  • The fastest order turnaround time (even for 1 image) is 1 business days.
Revision policy

Received not exactly what you were looking for? No panic, we’ll try to do as much as we can to create the images that you requested by strictly following our Revision Policy.

Don't hesitate to contact us here if you have any questions.

Still have questions?

Email, call or chat us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Squareshot is a New York-based professional product photography studio that offers sharp, high-resolution, color-accurate product photo of Flat Lay and Ghost Mannequin Apparel, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Watches, Bags, Shoes and all types of Accessories for Online Stores to increase their sales and decrease order returns.

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