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Product Photography Pricing

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1 image
per shoot

2-9 images
per shoot

10-49 images
per shoot

50-299 images
per shoot


20% Off

28% Off

35% Off

Accessories (Wallets / Pouches / Hats / Beanies / Phone Cases / Gloves / Sunglasses / Laptop Sleeves / Books / Magazines

per image

per image

per image

per image

Tumblers / Bottles / Glasses

Socks: Flat Lay

Ties / Bow Ties (w/o tying or complex styling involved)
Standard Footwear (all shoes except sandals, over-the-knee boots and shoes w/ straps)
Grocery & Households
Close up Images (e.g: clothing details, brand logos, stitching…)
Other Small Products (size up to 12'x12'x12', not reflective, has a standard form, w/o straps, and styling involved)


Standard Clothing (casual, sport, streetwear clothing except Blouses, Dresses, Skirts): Flat Lay

per image

per image

per image

per image

Standard Underwear (not transparent, basic fit, w/o straps or additional styling): Flat Lay

Men's Underwear: Ghost mannequin

Socks: Ghost mannequin

Scarves (w/ folding or styling involved)
Ties / Bow Ties (w/ tying or complex styling involved)
Belts (no styling or wrapping involved)

Tote bags: Flat Lay

Complex Footwear (sandals, over-the-knee boots or any shoes w/ straps. E.g. ankle straps)
Electronics (except headphones with cables)
Health & Beauty Products (cosmetics, grooming…)
Jewelry (Rings)


Standard Clothing (casual, sport, streetwear clothing, dresses): Ghost Mannequin

per image

per image

per image

per image

Women's Underwear / Swimsuits / Bathing Suits (not transparent, basic fit, w/o straps or additional styling): Ghost Mannequin

Belts (with styling or wrapping involved)
Jewelry (Necklaces / Bracelets / Chokers / Earrings)
Briefcases / Tote Bags / Handbags / Clutches / Shoulder Bags (w/ straps, styling or stuffing involved)

Group Shots / Small Product Sets (up to 5 items)

Oversized Items (30'x30'x30' – 50'x30'x30'. E.g. Sheets / Carpets / Rugs)

Backpacks / Bucket / Duffel Bags (w/ straps, styling and stuffing involved)

per image

per image

per image

per image

Sheet Sets (2-4 folded items in a set, steaming, styling involved)

Complex Clothing (transparent, unusual fit, additional styling: straps, bows, wraps, ties. E.g. Robes): Ghost Mannequin

Outfit (a set of up to 3 items): Ghost Mannequin

Outfit (a set of up to 3 items): Flat Lay

1 shoot = 1 order. If you’re going to ship the order of 50 items to shoot 50 images in 2 shipments/boxes (10 items and 40 items) each shipment will be re-calculated as 2 different orders/shoots (10 x $25.43 + 40 x $25.43) OR we can start shooting once we receive all shipments to maintain the “50+ images” rate.

1 image = 1 angle. If you select 3 angles for each of 5 items, then you will be charged for 15 images. Please note that Close up Images of clothing cost lower than a regular clothing shot.

Check out our complete visual guide
to product categories we shoot

Try our service for free with no risk.
Retouching included.

Product photography rates and order turnaround time may vary and depends on the availability, product category, quality and any specific aspects of the actual product.

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Get your first product photo for free to try our service with no risk. Retouching included.

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Describe your products and specify the number of images to get a custom quote.

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We are able to bring our 10+ years of experience to any type of product category.

Included in the price

  • Professional Retouching
  • 100% White Background
  • Optimized for Shopify / Amazon
  • Custom Image Size & File Format
  • Custom Angles & Layout
  • One Re-shoot Request. Learn More
  • One Retouch Requests. Learn More
  • Test Shot Before Starting
  • Unlimited Usage License
  • Money Back Guarantee. Learn More


Upgrade your images with add-ons listed below. You can choose as many add-ons as you need in the order form. Each add-on will be added to the base price.



Wrinkles removal


Transp. background


Color background


Shadow / Reflection


2+ file formats (e.g. Tiff + PNG)


Steam ironing


Rush order* (twice faster)


Product requirements

Before you fill out the order form please make sure your products meet our basic product requirements:


For a complete list of categories we shoot, see our Directory (examples included).

Product Condition Clean, unworn products w/o stains, holes, damages or production defects.

Up to 50’x30’x30’. The products between 30'x30'x30' – 50'x30'x30' are considered as oversized.

Weight Up to 15lbs. The additional charges may be applied as the product weight is over 15 lbs.


Payment options

No payment required before we receive your products. Before you ship your product to us, we will send you a total price and turnaround time that requires confirmation from your side. When we receive your products, we will send you a payment link. We accept 100% upfront payment* via PayPal and all major Credit / Debit cards.

Here's how we protect you:

  • Get your Free Test Shot to try our service with no risk (for new customers only). Try it for free
  • If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund your money*. Learn more
    *additional requirements applied
  • We provide a test (paid) image before we proceed with the whole order (for orders over 20 images) to confirm the quality, angle, lighting etc. so, we can guarantee that you will receive the images you requested in the order form, so please be as specific as it possible.
  • We accept the re-shoot/retouching by email within 5 business days from the time when the order was completed. Get more information in the section Revision Policy.
  • Please read our reviews before you’re going to place an order:
    Trustpilot Reviews
    Google Reviews

    *We are open to discussing a partial payment for orders over $1,000.
What may affect the price?

Product Weight
The additional charges may be applied as the product weight is over 15 lbs.

Product Size
The products over 30'x30'x30' are considered as oversized. The price range for oversized products is $36.38 - $55.97. The products over 50'x30'x30’ may not be accepted for shooting or additional charge may be applied.

Product Prep
These charges depend on the additional time it takes to prepare and/or assemble a product.

Product Defects / Damaged Products
The additional charges may be applied if the product has visible production defects, stains, holes or scratches that require additional time to style the product, make it look symmetrical or fix the issues during retouching.

Product Styling
The additional charge depends on the following:
- The time it takes to style the products prior to photography.
- Special equipment or expertise required to style the product.
- Client’s styling requirements (the client should be as specific as it possible).

Unusual Studio Setup for Complex Items
These charges will depend on additional equipment, time, materials and people required to build the set.

Group Images / Product Layout
The additional charge depends on the number of items in the image or the time it takes to group, style and shoot the products based on detailed instructions from the client.

Clothing Condition
Make sure that your product(s) are clean and carefully ironed. If not, we are happy to provide the ironing/steaming service for $1.95 per item (not per image).


If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund your money due to our refund policy described below:

You can get a refund when all of the following apply:

  • You never used the images for which you want to get a refund.
  • The order was completed within the last 15 days.

Additional requirements: 

  • You will not be eligible to use the images for which you were refunded money.
  • We do not provide a refund for orders over $500, but we’ll try to do as much as we can to create the images that you requested by strictly following our Revision Policy section.

Refund Time (once a refund is processed):


  • Credit card: 3-5 business days;
  • Debit card: Up to 10 business days;
  • PayPal balance: 3-5 business days.
Turnaround time

The approximate order turnaround time for orders up to 20 images is 4 business days*.

For orders 20+ images — approx.7 business days*.
For orders 50+ images — approx. 7-13 business days*.
For orders 300+ images — approx. 13-18 business days*.

*excluding holidays


Important notes:

  • Order turnaround time is calculated from 9:00 a.m. on the next business day after we receive your products and payment.
  • Order turnaround time may vary and depends on the availability, product category, quality and any specific aspects of the actual product.
  • Any edits/revisions made after the order has been completed and the images sent are not included in the total order turnaround time.
  • The fastest order turnaround time (even for 1 image) is 2 business days.
Shipping options

You have two shipping options:

  1. You can drop off your product(s) at the Squareshot office based in Brooklyn, NY.
  2. You can ship the product(s) by using your preferred shipping carrier. Here are a few services that offer the best shipping rates:

Important notes:

  • Please do not send or drop off your products before you fill out the Order Form and receive a confirmation email with a price quote, order turnaround time and 6 figures order ID (example: #000000).
  • Once you confirm your price quote and order turnaround time we will send you a confirmation email with shipping address and detailed instructions.
  • To minimize risk we suggest you add shipping insurance when you ship the product(s) to our studio.
  • Please note, Squareshot is not responsible for lost, stolen, misdelivered, or damaged packages and products prior to receiving them into our studio or for packages and products once they have left our studio. The product is considered "delivered" when you receive a delivery confirmation email from the Squareshot Team. See full Squareshot Policy
Drop off & Pick up (NYC)

Drop off: Please drop off your product(s) after you have filled out the Order Form and confirm the total price and the order turnaround time sent by email.
Pick up: Once you receive and approve the images you’re able to schedule a pickup from our studio.

Drop off / Pick up time:
Any time between 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. with 2-hour email notice.
Please specify the Order ID in the email notice.

Bring with you:
– Order ID;
– Email address or Full name assigned to the Order ID.

Drop off / Pick up address: 
(408) 917-8017
67 west st, Floor 3, Unit 313
Brooklyn, NY 11222-5389


Important note for order pick up:

  • Please do not pick up the product(s) before you approve the images! Due to our policy, we hold the products up to 5 business days after the order has been completed to have an opportunity reshoot the images if something went wrong. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept reshoot requests if we don’t have the actual product(s) in the studio. Thank you for your understanding.
  • If you cannot pick up your order within 30 calendar days, you may contact customer service at hello@squareshot.co to prevent your products from utilization and extend your studio pickup time frame.
    If we do not receive an extension request within 30 calendar days, we will be forced to get rid of the product.

Still have questions?

Email, call or chat us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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What customers say about Squareshot

Squareshot is simply the best product photography studio we have ever worked with. Period. They delivered what was promised in a short amount of time. Quality of images has exceeded our expectations and we would recommend them to anyone.read more
Magomed Dunkaev
Magomed Dunkaev
04:38 02 Aug 18
I searched online for a good product photographer for my watches. I am a startup and need to find good photographer at a reasonable price. I found SquareShot and was worried in using them in the beginning. They are all the way in New York and I am in Los Angeles. But I tried them and the process has been smooth. The photos are great too. Shipping my watches over to New York did not seem to be that big of a pain either. SquareShot did it fast and within the turnaround time they indicated. I have used them twice now and so far I am happy with their service. Will continue using them.read more
Lingling Rose
Lingling Rose
16:50 25 Jul 18
I am the marketing director of a healthcare company - we have offices in Florida and NYC. I found Squareshot while doing a google search. We needed stills for one of our products. This was our third attempt in trying to find a photographer that would take great pictures of our product. The Squareshot website was easy to navigate, and their process for getting a quote prior to the job was seamless. The photos we received were better than expected! They were perfect! We are so happy with them. Their service is unparalleled and the professionalism is top notch! Thanks Squareshot! We are clients for life 🙂read more
Keisha Graham
Keisha Graham
15:12 24 Jul 18
Square shot is absolutely amazing! Fast , affordable and very professional! I will be using them again and again !
lashawn sharp
lashawn sharp
04:22 22 Jul 18
Alex & his team did an amazing job. My photos came out incredible... I will definitely use squareshot again and I'll recommend squareshot to my friends.read more
London Mcfadden
London Mcfadden
21:10 20 Jul 18
Very friendly and professional staff, great communication and product delivery time. Also very affordable prices especially for the high quality of photography that they provide. I ordered 4 shots for 4 different products and their product photography skills are the place to go to for affordable pricing and high quality photographs. I ordered their ghost mannequin service and was not disappointed in the slightest! Will be doing business again in the future!read more
aaron isakov
aaron isakov
18:32 11 Jul 18
So impressed with their level of professionalism and work. Extremely responsive and quick turn around time. Highly recommend!
S Wa
S Wa
20:26 21 Jun 18
Squareshot was great! They were very quick and easy to work with- they also listened to my feedback and were quick to adjust. Highly recommend!read more
Porter Simmons
Porter Simmons
00:46 02 Jun 18
Delivery is faster than ETD and I'm really satisfied with the services provided. Great communication as well!
Quyen Hoang
Quyen Hoang
17:09 30 May 18
Squareshot took great pictures of our line of hats for Oceanic Exploration Society. They had offered a very quick turnaround and high quality images. Very responsive too - usually responded to our emails within a few hours or less. Thank you!read more
Nate Danforth
Nate Danforth
18:27 16 May 18
Took fantastic photos of our seasonal line up for 2018! We expected the turn around time to be 5 business days, but they had shots back to us in 2! We were very impressed, and will be using their services again in the future.read more
Bocce's Info
Bocce's Info
16:24 20 Apr 18
Highly recommend. The photos are fantastic and the communication was excellent. We will be using again!
Emma Hazlett
Emma Hazlett
01:25 21 Mar 18
Awesome service: accommodating, easy, and great quality photos. Will definitely be back for more work. Great user experience!
Ali Arshad
Ali Arshad
23:06 27 Feb 18
I've researched all the photography options out there for ecommerce shots. Squareshot was the most competitively priced, convenient, and quality option so I gave them a trial run with a few pieces and a small number of requested shots. The result was literally impeccable, much better than the product shots produced during full scale photoshoots. Hoping for more business now that I'll be doing lifestyle and product shots separately. Thanks Alex and team!read more
Zoand Av
Zoand Av
13:56 22 Feb 18
I had a wonderful experience with Alex, he is very detailed orientated and professional. I would definitely continue working with him for my future projects!read more
Donna Zhong
Donna Zhong
16:21 12 Feb 18
We make laboratory test kits that are usually very light colors. We have hired professional photographers before but unfortunately the images looked washed out and the logo colors were completely wrong. I chose to try Squareshot [over another company even a few miles away] because they had great reviews. We were not disappointed! If you have hard products to photograph, use SquareShot!read more
Preston Reynolds
Preston Reynolds
00:33 07 Feb 18
I had a really positive experience with Squareshot and will be working with them again. The whole process was quite seamless and the photos turned out perfectly. Alex was super helpful and responsive and understood exactly what I was looking for. I definitely recommend Squareshot for anyone looking for quality product photography.read more
Emily Schreiber
Emily Schreiber
16:16 03 Feb 18
When I opened the email link from Alex with my product shots, they literally knocked me off my axis! Incredibly crisp, bright and clear- just what I was looking for. I will definitely be using them again. Thank you so much!read more
Valerie DeVito
Valerie DeVito
13:45 02 Feb 18
Alex was responsive, incredibly fast, and delivered a high quality photo within 2 days of receipt of my products. Highly recommended.
Nina Naidu, MD FACS
Nina Naidu, MD FACS
23:32 23 Dec 17

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