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Paskho, New York, NY

They are a Amazing company. I could not be happier with their great customer service and Awesome Photos! Will be using often again.

– Patrick Robinson

Shape Activewear, New York, NY
The SHAPE® women’s activewear collection is the ultimate performance collection woven with the style and personality of SHAPE magazine.
Alex Mika Jewelry, New York, NY

Alex Mika Jewelry is a New York-based jewelry brand that was established in 2012 by sisters Alexa, Michela, Nicole, and Natalie. The sisters began designing bracelets as a mere hobby, but eventually realized that they have a passion for it. The girls design an array of jewelry which encompass an element from each one of their unique styles and personalities.

Beltology, New York, NY

Great quality shots and a great experience. The team communicates well and is very flexible. Pricing is very competitive and turnaround time was fast. Looking forward to continuing to work with Squareshot in the future.
– Brendan Broadbin

Portergulch, San Francisco, CA

Alex and team are professional, fast and always deliver high quality photos. They are so good that I ship my products from California. I have had over 40 products that are not easy to shoot photographed by Squareshot and I will continue to use them.

– Brooke deDiego Miller

2s Two Ways, New York, NY

I had a wonderful experience with Alex, he is very detailed orientated and professional. I would definitely continue working with him for my future projects!

– Donna Zhong

Nomad Goods, Santa Barbara, CA

Really experienced team delivers images far better than most, for far less. I had them shoot our hardest products first, as a test, leather straps on the Stainless steel Apple Watch. Getting this right is very hard, and they nailed it. If they can do this, they can easily do the rest of our products. Also, I’m pretty impressed with their attitude. Hard working dudes with a ton of prior experience, and now bringing that experience to the states.

– Brian Hahn

Hudson Sutler, New York, NY

Quick service, photos exactly as described, I will 100% work with them again in the future.

– Grant Hewit

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Look Optic, New York, NY

Alex and his team have been amazing. They are always very professional and responsive, even when we are pushing them due to extremely tight deadlines. My only reservation in recommending them is that they get too busy to help us! Thanks for everything!

– Andrew – Founder, LOOK OPTIC

Madly Bride, New York, NY

I had a really positive experience with Squareshot and will be working with them again. The whole process was quite seamless and the photos turned out perfectly. Alex was super helpful and responsive and understood exactly what I was looking for. I definitely recommend Squareshot for anyone looking for quality product photography.
– Emily Schreiber

Mullein & Sparrow, New York, NY
Mullein & Sparrow is a luxury, vegan beauty line crafted with care in Brooklyn. We believe that plants can be powerful and that true and authentic beauty naturally unfolds from pure formulas and high-quality, effective ingredients.
Integrity Bottles, San Diego, CA

I’m absolutely blown away with the quality! Amazing! Alex, you are our product photographer for life haha. IntegrityBottles.com is extra amazing thanks to Squareshot!

– Jamie & Zach

Pet Acoustics, Washington Depot, CT

Well done!
Squareshot was a great choice for my product shots. Fast service and crisp looking for all our digital presentations and website.
– J. Marlow, Pet Acoustics.com

Sticks + Stones, Philadelphia, PA
sticks+stones redefines the way accessories are lush with details + texture that applies couture into its inherent craftsmanship. Each piece simultaneously stands apart with its own statement, while melding to + enhancing any ensemble.
KOMBIND Studio, New York, NY
Kombind is an integrated creative studio, specializing in strategy, brand development and design for sports, luxury and lifestyle brands. We have over 15 years experience crafting intelligent.
The Fifth Veda, New York, NY

Frustration Free and beautifully shot!
Working with squareshot was: – easy, fast, wonderful & the work itself was beautifully done. Within days of giving Alex my products with instructions, I received the shots exactly as I requested. The few modifications I wanted were done asap. I will definitely be using these guys again!
– Roma

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Squareshot is a New York-based professional product photography studio that offers sharp, high-resolution, color-accurate product photo of Flat Lay and Ghost Mannequin Apparel, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Watches, Bags, Shoes and all types of Accessories for Online Stores to increase their sales and decrease order returns.

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